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Application Process

1. Submit a separate application for each category you enter, including a complete set of images required for each
medium. You may show both media as they will be displayed in your booth together.
2. 5 professional quality images are required. 4 images should represent the work to be exhibited. 5th image must show a recent booth display with work clearly visible.
3. Orient images for correct viewing when projected. Omit your name from each image to maintain anonymity. Omit all
signs and image of yourself in your booth image.

4. Submit payment through the Paypal link below the application button. 

Rules and Regulations 

1. Each booth display must consist of one artist’s original, juried work. Collaborative artists may apply but all work must be identified as such and both artists must be present during the show. Artwork displayed must be in the medium(s) submitted to and accepted by the jury.


2. Any commercial resale items or work made from commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans, stencils or prefabricated forms may NOT be exhibited. Commercial kits may be a component of exhibited work, as allowed by jury.


3. A reproductions are allowed as items offered for sale.  All reproductions must be clearly labeled as such and not be displayed as original work. Hanging work must be original. Maximum of two bins for reproductions.  Bins may be refilled throughout the show. Each exhibitor’s work will be screened during Art in the Park. Artists whose work does not comply with the rules will be asked to leave. 


4. Accepted artists are expected to attend the show during show hours and be at their booth with the exception of short breaks. If you are accepted as a collaborative artists then both artists must staff the booth. Booth spaces are non-transferrable. Any artist who has not been juried into Art in the Park or who has not paid the jury and booth fees will not be allowed to exhibit.


5. All sales will be handled by the artist. Accepted artists must have a city vendor's license. Information for this will be provided if you are accepted. Each artist is also responsible for collecting sales tax and filing it with the Missouri Department of Revenue.


6. All exhibiting artists must be 18 years of age or older.


7. Displays must be professional. All participants must have a white 10x10 tent, securely weighted down. All work must be contained within the 10x10 space. If you exceed this space, additional fees will apply.  All work displayed must be for sale.


8. Refunds are as follows: 60 days prior to the first day of the show-25%; no refunds will be given for cancellations 59 days or less prior to the first day of show. 


9. No “clearance,” “½ off,” “half-price,” or similar signs are allowed. Artists will be asked to remove such signs and the associated work. Each artist must display his/her work as art, not as discounted product, to maintain the integrity of the show.


10. Booths may not be dismantled until 4:30 p.m. Sunday

11. The City of Springfield and Springfield-Greene County Park Board does not allow smoking in public parks.


12. The Event Coordinator/AIP Committee reserves the right to ask that any work that is inconsistent with the juried subject or any artist who is in violation of the rules outlined above be removed. 

Art in the Park is an annual fine art and craft show produced annually by the Southwest Missouri Art and Craft Guild. Created in 1994 by professional artists who wanted a show that was all about art and only art, Art in the Park showcases the work of regional and national artists.


Art in the Park is a juried show by three independent jurors. Any and all artists are invited to apply.

Non-member artist booth fee: $200

Member artist booth fee: $150


Please read the rules and regulations sections before applying. To apply, please click to Apply button below and fill out the form. Then return to this page and click the Pay button to pay the application fee. Applications without payment will not be considered.

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